IDR 145.000
ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil #light

 IDR 105.000
INNISFREE Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam 150ml
 IDR 210.000
ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence Set

 IDR 110,000


Regeneration of damaged skin
> The snail filtering extract and EGF ingredient regenerate the skin damaged by various causes and keep the skin healthy and smooth.
> Soft and creamy foam deeply cleanses sebum and body wastes without irritation.
> It keeps the skin clear and clean by removing the bodily wastes and old dead skin cells in the pores.

Removes dead skin cells and makes skin soft, smooth and elastic. Lathers away dirt, makeup and oil but doesn't leave skin so dry. Washes off every speck of dirt and makeup while leaving skin super soft and moisturized like a lotion. Hydrates skin and protects it from environmental factors

Snail mucus extract, EGF, Glycerin, Betain etc.

IDR 85.000
ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Facial Soap

IDR 125.000
Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Mist 150ml

Bagus untuk mengecilkan pori-pori.

IDR 75.000
Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash

IDR 95.000

SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Foam

Pencuci muka untuk wajah berpori-pori.

IDR 130.000
Etude House Moistfull White Cushion Foam Cleanser

IDR 75.000
Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

IDR 100.000

TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid

IDR 40.000

NEW! Etude House Skin Notes Mask

IDR 55.000
Etude House Happy Essential Foam Collagen

IDR 105.000
Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask

Untuk mencegah dan mengecilkan pori-pori.

IDR 115.000
Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Eye Cream

Untuk menghilangkan garis keriput dan kering di area mata.

IDR 125.000

Secret Key Witch Hazel Pore Clear Toner

IDR 100.000

THEFACESHOP Mild Green Tea Body Lotion

IDR 165.000
Etude House Moistfull White Emulsion

Digunakan sebagai pengganti toner.

IDR 90.000

NATURE REPUBLIC Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser

IDR 20.000/pcs

Etude House Alphabet Mask


MIZON All In One Repair Snail Cream

Kandungan : Snail Mucus 92%, Centella Asiatica, Adenosine, Peptide, Betta-Glucan, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Birth Sap, Dimethicone, Portucala Oleracea Extracts, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Non Parfume.
Tekstur gel tidak lengket di kulit.

Manfaat :
- Mengatasi bekas jerawat, bekas luka dan iritasi (tidak hanya digunakan untuk wajah)
- Mempercepat pertumbuhan jerawat
- Melindungi kulit
- Memberikan kekenyalan
- Mengurangi kerutan
- Mencerahkan wajah

IDR 90.000/145.000/360.000 (8/15/60gr)

Amira Whitening Cream w/ Antioxidant

Product Claims :
- Mulberry (Morus Alba) fruit extract with botanical skin whitening active ingredient which acts by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of skin pigments. It contains vitamins A, B and C that help promote healthy skin and anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant that protects skin cell from harmfull free radicals.
- Chamomile (Chamomila Recutita) extract has anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties. It soothes dry and irritated skin.
- Magnesium ascorbyl phospate is a stable form a vitamin C that helps whiten skin by preventing melanin pholymerization, a key mechanism in skin darkening.
- Tocoperhyl acetate is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and promotes skin moisturization making skin feels soft.
- Dimethicone is a silicone emmolient that leaves a smooth and silky film on the skin which helps preserve skin moisture.

IDR 70.000/100gr

Amira Tri-White System Kojic -Gluthathione-Arbutin Skin Lightening Soap

IDR 75.000/100ml

Amira Clarifying Toner Removes Blackhead and Whiteheads

IDR 175.000/125ml

Amira Skin Whitening Lotion plus firming w/ Alpha Arbutin L-Carnitine


BNB Skin Lightening Anti Aging Acaiberry SERUM BAR

IDR 75.000/130gr

BNB Facial & Body Light Moringa Soap (lightened skin in 4 weeks and improve skin texture, acne scars)

IDR 75.000/130gr

IDR 85.000/135.000 = 100/200ml

Belo Essentials Whitening Body Lotion non SPF (BLUE)

Belo Essentials Whitening Body Lotion SPF 30 (PINK)

IDR 120.000/50gr

Belo Essentials Day Cover Whitening Vitamin Cream SPF-15 (PINK)
Belo Essentials Night Therapy Vitamin

Digunakan sebagai cream siang dan cream malam.

IDR 85.000/100ml

Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Toner (BLUE)

IDR 85.000/135gr

Belo Essentials Whitening Bar Soap (BLUE/PINK)

IDR 185.000/235.000 = 50/100ml

Belo Essentiials Sun Expert-SPF40 Face Cover

Belo Essentials Sun Expert-SPF60 Body Shield

IDR 610.000/30 capsule

Belo Nutraceuticals: Glutathione + Collagen. Superior whitening & anti-aging capsules 30s bottle

IDR 80.000/120gr

Block & White Intensive Whitening Soap Whitens in 5 Days

IDR 70.000/60gr

Block & White Ultima Whitening Soap w/ Glutathione & Exfoliating Scrubs Whitens in 5 Days

IDR 55.000/115gr

CALAYAN Secrets Her Scrub Soap Design
CALAYAN Secrets Him Scrub Soap Design

Celeteque Brightening Dark Spot Corrector Rp. 160.000 
Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener Rp. 145.000
Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel Rp. 100.000 
Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealear 250mg Rp. 160.000 (NEW PRODUCT)
Celeteque Acne Solutions Back Acne Spray Rp. 185.000

Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap 150g Rp. 95.000
Cosmo Skin Soap w/ Collagen + Papaya 150g Rp. 85.000 
Cosmo Skin Advanced Whitening & Nourishing Collagen Hand & Body CREAM 200ml Rp. 185.000

Cyleina Organic Tomato Soap 200gr Rp. 99.000
Cyleina Black Pearl Skin Soap Mini 45gr Rp. 45.000
Cyleina Black Pearl Skin Soap Supreme 100gr Rp. 75.000

IDR 210.000/100ml

Moisturizing Sunblock Extreme Eighty X 80 SPF 80

IDR 108.000/250mcg

eRAse Tretinoin Anti Acne Depigmenting Solution UK DERM ERASE 

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